Jeetbuzz Help – FAQ

As a company that stands out as a premier online gambling brand, we are dedicated to providing exceptional JeetBuzz help and services. Our primary focus lies in creating a platform for cricket, soccer and tennis betting, enabling our players to enjoy favorable odds across hundreds of markets each day. Moreover, we proudly present a wide range of thrilling online gaming products such as slots, live casino games, poker and more. It’s our commitment to establish a secure, stable and fair gambling environment.


Payments on JeetBuzz are designed to be secure, convenient and hassle-free. We understand the importance of providing our players with a wide range of reliable and efficient options. They include:

BangkokPay (bKash, SureCash and others)Convenient;
Fastest payment method;
Low processing fees.
Bank TransfersFast and easy;
Large deposit amounts;
Low processing fees.
USDT (Tether)No daily limit;
Quick and secure;
Available 24 hours;
Large deposit amounts;
Fixed processing fee.

How to use USDT deposit by Binance?

We provide our users the opportunity to make their payments in USDT via BTSE and Binance. To make a deposit through Binance, the following needs to be done:

  1. Create JeetBuzz account or log in if you already have one;
  2. Click on “Deposit” in the upper right corner of the screen;
  3. Choose one of the available promotions if you’d like to receive some bonuses;
  4. Once you’ve selected one, click on the USDT payment method;
  5. Select preferred payment type (TRC-20 token / ERC-20 token);
  6. Enter the desired amount;
  7. Click on “Deposit”.

The amount of USDT you’ve entered will automatically be converted to BDT. Note that the minimum required amount of deposit is 500 BDT. In case of any emerging questions, don’t hesitate to contact our JeetBuzz help team via:

  • Live chat;
  • Whatsapp (+60 13-639 8564);
  • Facebook –;
  • Email – [email protected].

How to make a deposit using bKash in OnePay?

Here’s a concise step-by-step guide to deposit using bKash in OnePay on JeetBuzz:

  1. Create JeetBuzz account or log in if you already have one;
  2. Choose a promotional offer or leave it as “Normal” (the available deposit channels for the offer will be displayed);
  3. Press on “Local bank” and choose a channel to deposit (bKash-OP);
  4. Enter your desired deposit amount or use speed deposit button with predetermined sums of money;
  5. Click “Submit” to confirm;
  6. Select “bKash”;
  7. Send money to the receiver number displayed on the screen;
  8. After completing the deposit transaction in the bKash app, copy the transaction ID and paste it in the deposit form;
  9. Click “Submit Your Payment”.

If everything is done correctly, you will receive a notification confirming that your deposit is being processed and your balance will be updated shortly. If this doesn’t happen, contact our JeetBuzz help team for assistance.

How to resubmit a deposit?

Resubmitting a deposit is a new feature we introduced to speed up the processing of transactions and save valuable time.

Here’s a short tutorial on exactly how to do it

  1. Log in to your profile;
  2. Select “My account”;
  3. Click on “Transaction Records”;
  4. Choose the deposit transaction that is currently in the “Processing” status;
  5. Click on “Edit and Resubmit”;
  6. Double check your transaction ID or reference number;
  7. Click on “Choose Files” and upload the transaction slip;
  8. Confirm your actions by clicking “Submit”.

Note that you cannot edit your deposit form if the transaction’s status is “Processed” or if it’s been five minutes since you first submitted it. For more information on the topic visit JeetBuzz help center (Payments section).


For full access to all the services we provide, the user needs to register and pass the verification procedure. One user can have only one account. 

18+ Policy

We prioritize the safety of minors and responsible gambling. To that matter, all applicants must be 18+ to register or bet on JeetBuzz. Proof of age may be requested. Until the documentation is provided, the user account may be suspended.

Parents can use filtering solutions to restrict minor’s access to gambling gaming sites. We see this as a joint accountability with parents/guardians

If you suspect an underage user on our platform, please contact our 24/7 JeetBuzz help team for immediate action.

It’s also important to note that we may forfeit winnings if underage gambling is discovered.

What currencies does JeetBuzz support?

At the moment we support the following currencies:

  • BDT;
  • INR.

However, it’s also possible to make payments in cryptocurrencies.

How do I register an account with JeetBuzz?

To register an account with JeetBuzz, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Go to homepage of the site and click “Sign up”;
  2. Enter the following information in the corresponding fields:
  • Username (4-15 characters, no capital letters of spaces);
  • Password (6-20 characters with at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 numeric number and special characters like @#$%!^*);
  • Currency you prefer (for payment procedures);
  • Full name (it must be your real name);
  • Phone number and email address (make sure they are available for future identity verification);
  • Refer code (optional, enter if you have one);
  • Verification code (4-digit number displayed on the screen);
  1. Confirm that you are of legal age and agree to the Terms and Conditions by clicking on the appropriate checkbox.

All the user data provided must be accurate as it can’t be changed later for security reasons. If you have any questions about the process of registration, send them to JeetBuzz help team via email, Whatsapp, Facebook or Live chat on the site.

JeetBuzz Tips

 JeetBuzz Tips are useful guidelines and recommendations we provide to enhance user experience on the platform. All of these are listed in the relevant section in the JeetBuzz help center. There you can find:

  • Information about JeetBuzz Casino and its games;
  • Refer A Friend Program;
  • Account verification;
  • Deposits and withdrawals;
  • Unusual types of bets (such as Fancy Bet and Premium Bet) and so on.

How to download JeetBuzz APP? (Android)

To make sure our users have instant access to out services, we developed an application that’s easy and pleasant to use. Currently, it’s only available for Android handlers. You can download JeetBuzz App in three ways:

  • Tap the “App” button on the site’s homepage;
  • Click on the Android icon at the bottom of the homepage;
  • Use the link provided in the JeetBuzz help center – 

Tap “Android Download” when prompted. Open the downloaded file to install the app. The whole process only takes a couple of minutes.

How to join the RAF Program?

Join the RAF program (Refer A Friend) with these 4 steps:

  1. Log in to your JeetBuzz account;
  2. Visit “My Account” page and choose “Referral”;
  3. Share your uniques code or link with friends;
  4. Get a 100 BDT bonus when your friend registers using this code/link and makes a deposit of minimum 1000 BDT.

Note that your code/link is valid only for the same currency. Referrers must update their birthday and verify contact information (phone number and email) before sharing this code/link to be eligible for the Refer A Friend program. For more details about RAF visit JeetBuzz help center.

What is a Fancy Bet?

Fancy bets are special betting markets designed specifically for cricket. They have a specific set of regulations of their own and do not impact the exchange’s liquidity.

In Fancy betting, you’ll come across the following terms 

  • “Yes” – you are betting on an outcome to happen;
  • “No” – you are betting on an outcome not to happen.

Let’s review the following example – Team 5 Over Runs. In this case “5 Over runs” indicates the total runs scored in the first five overs of the match. If you bet on “Yes”, you believe that Team will score 63 runs or more in the first 5 overs. On the other hand, if you bet on “No”, it means that you believe Team will score less than 61 runs in the same period of time. In this case, to win the bet the final result must be 60 runs or below.In case of any questions please contact our 24/7 JeetBuzz help team.


Sports is an essential part of online gambling in Bangladesh. The most popular sports on JeetBuzz include:

  • Cricket;
  • Horse Racing;
  • Football;
  • Tennis and so on.

How to bet on Horse Racing?

Horse Racing betting varies among racebooks with some offering the best odds or starting prices for advantageous start. RCD988 is a top Horse Racing platform in JeetBuzz, providing various options including dog races and harness races.

RCB988 offers betting on current races 24/7. European races dominate during the day, while the USA ones dominate in the evening and night until the morning, followed by Australia and Hong Kong. You can easily access the schedule of upcoming live betting events and quickly place your bets with the reliable functionality of the racebook. If you’re not sure how to do this, contact our 24/7 JeetBuzz help team via email, Live chat or social networks (Facebook or Whatsapp).

RCB988 provides comprehensive information about horse racing, including odds, dates, times and participating horses, The available betting markets can vary depending on the country, racetrack and importance of the event.

There are 3 main bet types for horse racing:

  • Win Bet – you bet is successful only if the horse finishes first;
  • Plc bet – you take the win if your horse completes the race in the indicated position range;
  • W/P Bet – allows to back a horse to either win or place.

What is the difference between Bookmaker & Betting Exchange?

Bookmaker market refers to betting with a traditional bookmaker where you bet against the odds they offer. We as a bookmaker set prices and take the risk in this type of betting.

On the other hand, in betting exchanges, you bet against other individuals and the odds are more competitive. The odds are generally higher that traditional bookmaker offers but you pay fees on net winnings for each market.

Sportsbook – How do I create a Mix Parlay / Multiple Bet?

A parlay is a type of bet where you combine at least 2 selections into a single bet. The selections can be from different matches and can include various types of bets (handicap, totals, moneylines and so on). If any of the bets in the parlay loses, the entire thing is lost. You can always consult with the JeetBuzz help team via email, Live chat or social networks (Facebook or Whatsapp) to know more. 

To place a mix parlay bet on JeetBuzz:

  1. Log in;
  2. Go to the Sportsbook section and select “Parlay” bet;
  3. Choose the desired sports;
  4. Select matches;
  5. Choose your parlay type (Doubles, Treble, Trixie, Stake Per Bet and so on);
  6. Enter the desired amount and confirm your actions by clicking on “Bet”.