Terms & Conditions

JeetBuzz is the top cricket betting in Bangladesh. All payment transactions and services are controlled by Aurora Holdings NV, registered in Curacao. You can contact support and ask all your questions via e-mail only: [email protected]. JeetBuzz also communicates with users only by e-mail specified during registration.

The company has the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions at any time. In case the amendment is not essential, the company does not send a prior notice. The service notifies users about all important changes so that they confirm their acceptance of the new terms and conditions. In case the user is against such changes, he should stop any activity on Jeetbuzz. In the case of not discontinuing the use of the service, it will constitute acceptance of the new changes.

Obligations of the user

By using this service, players accept and agree to the following conditions:

  • Each user is of legal age;
  • The user is responsible for the legality of the use of the service in the country;
  • When transferring funds, the user uses authorized debit or credit cards or an authorized other payment method;
  • The user will not have a situation of any conflict of interest when carrying out any operations, such as placing bets;
  • The user responsibly pays his betting obligations;
  • The user acts solely on his/her own behalf when making transactions;
  • The user assumes full individual financial responsibility for placing bets;
  • The user agrees to use the service only for lawful purposes, without violating any laws;
  • The user undertakes to make the payments provided for the service unconditionally, without attempting to commit fraud that could lead to legal liability.


By using the service, users give their consent to that:

  • Service may refuse, at its sole discretion, the user to register without being informed of the reason for the refusal;
  • The user personally fills in the registration form, reads it, and agrees to the terms of use. The user also provides his/her photo ID in order to place bets, as the service must verify the authenticity of the data provided;
  • Only one account is allowed to be registered. In case of detection of other accounts registered to the same email, they will be immediately closed. This applies to all relatives and other persons acting on behalf of the user;
  • The service has the right to use information about the user obtained from third-party informants to ensure financial solvency and confirm the identity of the player;
  • Don’t share your account password with anyone. The password must consist of eight or more symbols, contain at least one digit and a letter, as well as a special symbol;
  • In case of hacking of the personal e-mail address, the user is obliged to inform the service to avoid any incidents;
  • When registering, you must select the currency in which all transactions will be processed. Some transactions are not processed in certain currencies, in such situations, a conversion calculator will be available;
  • The service may contact the user for additional information or documentation, after the registration request.


Users are prohibited from using the service in the following cases:

  • If the user is under the age of 18 (or under the age of majority);
  • To collect information about other users;
  • To promote personal commercial advertising, affiliate links, and other forms of offers;
  • In the case of any action that would be considered an attempt to defraud the service or other customers or for the purpose of obtaining an unfair advantage, as well as for any illegal activity.

The user may not transfer their account to others, or transfer funds between other accounts, only personal use is permitted. If the service is used for unauthorized purposes, the user will be sent a letter, and the service may also file a court action.


The information the user provides is secure and protected by strict rules.


All transactions and accounts will be in the currency you specified during registration. The service does not provide credit for usage. If the user fails to comply with the terms and conditions, his account will be suspended. Service is not obliged to inform the user about the suspension of the account, but all funds will be refunded.

Service is entitled to take any action, such as limiting or canceling bets, with the available bets at any time. In case an amount is mistakenly credited to the account, it will become the property of the service and will be deducted from the user’s account.

If you find any errors in your account, contact support via e-mail and report the problem.

If a customer wants to terminate their JeetBuzz account, they must send an email to [email protected].

Deposit funds

All available methods of deposit are presented on the official site, the user has the right to choose the one which is preferable to him. Deposit to your account can only be made in the currency originally selected, in which the account is opened. Otherwise, there will be a conversion at the daily exchange rate.

Any deposit made to the account without prolongation three times will be subject to a processing fee of 3% and any applicable withdrawal fee. JeetBuzz uses electronic payment systems to process financial transactions. JeetBuzz should not hold all funds received in an illegal manner.

Withdrawal of funds

The user can withdraw any or all of the balance of his account within the maximum number of transactions specified by the official site. All payments must be made in the currency that was specified in the personal account unless otherwise specified by the service.

The service has the right to request a document to verify your identity at any time of using JeetBuzz. All withdrawals must be made to the original bank card or account from which the service was funded.


The user is solely and individually responsible for the payment of all monies that are intended for the service. Also, the service has the right to charge an administrative fee of 60 euros or an equivalent amount in other currencies for refund, refusal, or cancellation of payment, at the initiative of the player.

If suspicious transactions are detected, they will be reported to the appropriate authorities depending on the jurisdiction governing the transaction.

Errors in the service

All bets will be canceled in the event of malfunction or a service error, after notification of the Support Team and positive consideration of the request. Also in the case of casino system malfunction or disconnection problems, all bets will be void. 

The service makes every effort to avoid operational errors. However, if as a result of any error a bet is accepted with odds different from the real one, the bet may be canceled or voided. JeetBuzz may recover any overpayment and may make changes to your account to correct the mistake.

General rules

All minimum and maximum amounts of bets on events are determined by the service that has the right to change these amounts without notification of the User. Customers are solely responsible for all transactions on their personal accounts. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to all transactions made, because once approved, they cannot be undone. All transactions of the user are presented in the section “My account”.

In a situation where the event on which the bet was placed is not played, all bets will be invalid. JeetBuzz has the right to remove any events and products from the site and may restrict access to the casino without notice to the player.

Messages and notices

Any communications and notices should be sent by email to JeetBuzz. The service isn’t responsible for denials or delays in service due to any circumstances beyond the service’s control.


If fraud or criminal activity is suspected or established, the service will suspend all payments and seek criminal or contractual sanctions against the customer.

Intellectual property

Any unauthorized use of the JeetBuzz trademark and logo may result in legal action against the user. Use of the URL on other websites or digital platforms without prior written consent is prohibited. Any unauthorized use or reproduction of the Service may result in legal action.

Conduct and safety

For the protection of all customers, posting any content on the service, illegal or unwanted behavior is prohibited. If this condition is violated, the user’s account will be blocked without notice. You can read more about the prohibited behavior on the official website.

The service has links to third-party sites, for which the service is not responsible in any way. Therefore, when you click on links we recommend you take precautions.


If you have questions or concerns about any of the terms and conditions, you may contact Customer Service via email. Notwithstanding the above, the service does not take any responsibility in responding to a question or complaint. If a customer is not satisfied with the calculated rate, he/she should provide detailed information with the complaint in an e-mail to the service. The complaint letter should be sent within 3 days. Our support department will try to find a solution that satisfies both parties. 

All users accessing and using the JeetBuzz service are subject to these rules and requirements in full.