Jeetbuzz Fishing Games – Get ৳1,077 BDT Welcome Bomus!

Fishing games are becoming more popular among players from Bangladesh, offering an interesting experience for every player. Jeetbuzz fishing allows you to immerse yourself in the process of catching a variety of fish, each of which brings a cash prize.

On our Jeetbuzz platform, players can get unlimited access to more than 90 fishing games: Bubble Shooter, Mega Fishing, Golden Dragon, and others. These games feature realistic graphics and various fish species to suit different preferences.

How to Start Playing Fishing Games?

To start playing fishing games, you need to jeetbuzz sign up using the following instructions:


Step 1

Go to our official jeetbuzz website;


Step 2

Click on the “Register” button on the screen;


Step 3

Fill in the fields with data: name, login, password, country of residence, language;


Step 4

Specify your mobile phone number and email address;


Step 5

Finish the registration process and log in to your account;


Step 6

Select the “Fishing” section at the top of the page;


Step 7

Choose your preferred game and start playing.

It should be remembered that registration on our jeetbuzz platform is possible for users over the age of 18.

Rules of Fishing Games

All jeenbuzz fishing games are built on the practice of catching fish with a certain monetary gain. The rules of fishing games may vary depending on the particular game you choose and its mechanics, however, the following tips can help you succeed:

  • Precision is necessary to catch expensive fish, so initially you can try to choose fish with fewer points;
  • It is necessary to use bonuses strategically and wisely to achieve high results;
  • Try different fishing games on the platform to choose the most suitable one;
  • Keep calm in case of loss and do not give in to negative emotions.

Jeetbuzz Best Fishing Games

jeetbuzz best fishing games

A huge variety of fishing games that will suit beginners and professional players can be found at our jeetbuzz casino. All the games are distinguished by their graphics, interface and gameplay, which allows you to choose the one that you like the most. Below are the popular fishing games on the jeetbuzz platform.

Mega Fishing

An online fishing game for those users who prefer complex and strategic tasks. Here is a deep underwater world with large fish, which requires precision to win. In addition, players can use various bonus offers and special weapons in Mega Fishing, which will allow users to improve their fishing experience.

JILI Jackpot Fishing

JILI Jackpot Fishing is another of the popular fishing games on our jeetbuzz platform, representing a diverse underwater world with sharks, crab torpedoes, anemones, and primitive fish. The game includes super prizes and jackpots that allow players to win substantial rewards.

JDB Fishing Disco

The fishing game JDB Fishing Disco is an underwater world where users have to shoot at fish and other objects on the ocean floor. In addition, the game is accompanied by music so that users can relax. Moreover, a bonus game is available in the game, where players can additionally have fun and money.

KA Golden Fish Hunter

KA Golden Fish Hunter is another popular arcade game on the jeetbuzz platform, which offers all the familiar elements of fishing, a variety of weapons and traps, and a wide selection of fish. During the game, users use their precise skills to catch fish with different values.

Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a game where the user can free fish and get bonuses. The main task of the player is to shoot balls and collect 3 or more balls of the same color. The more fish the player saves, the more points he can get.

Golden Dragon

The Golden Dragon game has gained its popularity thanks to graphics, sound effects, and simple rules that are suitable even for beginners. During the game, users must catch a fish and get a reward for it. Moreover, with each shot, the opportunity opens up to find the riches hidden in the underwater world.

Jeetbuzz App for Fishing Games

jeetbuzz app for fishing games

Users can play their favorite fishing games not only on our official website but also using our Jeetbuzz app, which is available for users with the Android and iOS operating systems. The mobile application has the same functions and sections as the official website offers.


To install the mobile application on Android, you must follow the instructions:

  1. Open our official jeetbuzz website;
  2. Click on the “Download to Android” button;
  3. Wait for the special apk file to be downloaded to your mobile device;
  4. Open the downloaded file;
  5. Follow the further instructions for installing the application.


Players with the iOS operating system can install the jeetbuzz app as follows:

  1. Open the App Store on your mobile device;
  2. Enter “Jeetbuzz” in the search and click on the “Install” button;
  3. Once the installation of the app is complete, you can start playing.

Jeetbuzz bonuses for fishing games

jeetbuzz bonuses for fishing games

For players to diversify their pastime in fishing games, we offer jeetbuzz bonus. Players can view all available bonus offers on our official website. Among the list of bonuses, you can use cashback bonuses, additional deposit bonuses, referral bonuses, and others. Moreover, we are constantly trying to develop new bonus offers and promotions, which can be found on our official website.

Fishing Games Providers

On our official Jeetbuzz website, we offer users the ability to search among games by various parameters, including game providers who contribute their expertise and creativity to provide a comprehensive gaming experience to every user. The following fishing game providers are available on our platform:

  • JILI;
  • KA; 
  • FC; 
  • CQ9; 
  • JDB.


What are the most popular fishing games among players from Bangladesh?

On our jeetbuzz platform, we provide unlimited access to more than 90 fishing games for every taste, such as Bubble Shooter, Mega Fishing, KA Golden Fish Hunter, and others. By searching on the official website, users can easily find their favorite games.

Are there any winning strategies for jeetbuzz fishing?

There is no definite winning strategy, but some tips will help you succeed: Choose your preferred game; Learn more about the rules and game management; Gain experience through constant practice.

Can I play fishing games on the mobile app?

Users from Bangladesh can play fishing games using our official website and jeetbuzz app, which is available for users with Android and iOS operating systems.